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Health and Prevention

//Health and Prevention


Health and Prevention Department dedicated to the development of a portfolio of essential products in the Health sector.


Health prevention products and systems

We establish those solutions of primary need and other more specific ones, especially in the field of prevention. At the forefront of technological and clinical innovation, our products stand out for their global application and their potential for prevention and detection.

The products we highlight are in the field of cardiology, digestive health, DNA analysis and data evaluation through Whole Exome Sequencing Technology (WES), and products in prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 virus and derivatives.

In addition, we have an international infrastructure and network of healthcare centers and professionals in the sector that allows us to apply and test the latest technology.


Solutions in: 

– Analysis technology
– Technology in prevention
– Medical devices for basic necessities
– Innovative applications


Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, its prevention and risk stratification has been until now a medical necessity without a real and immediate response. With the new diagnostic tool for acute chest pain launched by Kmara Healthcare, we will be able to detect a heart attack in record time, as well as rule out false positives, greatly helping emergency services, reducing costs and saving lives. - Detection in 10 minutes. - Dual biomarker. - H-FABP biomarker. - Biomarker cTnI.


We aspire to be able to detect all potential health risks. For this reason, we have a revolutionary technology in the analysis of biodata extracted from DNA by means of a complete exome sequencing test through saliva.


The Covid-19 virus has had a great impact on the health prevention sector. Therefore, we have different detection systems and applications that can be used in the health field of emergency services or first triage. In addition, our goal is to be able to offer a solution for the treatment of this disease. For this reason, our strategic partners are researching a drug with great expectations of success in the short term.

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