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Green Hydrogen

//Green Hydrogen


The energy department at Spainest Group is committed to position the latest technology in Green Hydrogen. Official partners of SOPEEL - Water-based Energy Solutions.


Energy generation systems using Green Hydrogen.

Following recent international events, one of the most relevant consequences for society has been the increase in the price of energy, not to mention the environmental resources involved in continuing to work with certain obsolete technologies.

The future is already the present, and this is Green Hydrogen.

The technology we propose is launched in line with the 2030 agenda and reaches the maximum expression of energy efficiency developed to date in terms of Green Hydrogen technologies that are being developed. The possibilities are endless, and our efforts are focused on industrial, home and mobility solutions.

SOPEEL is the protagonist of this technology.

More efficient – More economical – Zero pollutant.


Solutions in: 

– Engineering
– Green H2 solution providers
– Innovative applications
– H2 Industrial Technology
– Domestic H2 technology


The potential of H2 is 3 times higher than natural gas and accounts for 75% of the matter in the universe. It is important that citizens understand that the only hydrogen that comes from 100% renewable energy and, therefore, completely free of CO2 emissions, is Green Hydrogen. We propose the generation of affordable and non-polluting electric energy that we will call Km 0, giving rise to sustainable cities and communities. - Km 0 energy. - Savings in bills. - Energy independence. - 100% eco-sustainable.


Dependence on gas from other countries will no longer be a problem, since with the IVO-001 electrolyzer H2 production is exponentially cheaper and is done on site, besides being 100% sustainable green energy, reducing our energy cost by more than 50% and not depending on market variations. - 3 times more powerful than a conventional boiler. - No CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. - 48% energy cost reduction. - 66.6% reduction in bills. - Complies with the 2030 Agenda.


Hydrogen has been used in different industries for several decades, so the different techniques for its use are not alien to large companies in the energy sector. However, the color of hydrogen is a very important aspect to take into account, as it helps us to know its origin. In addition to being 100% sustainable green energy, it would reduce our energy costs by more than 50% and would not depend on market variations. In addition, energy storage allows us to conserve and manage energy in times of greater need.


Hydrogen is the fuel with the greatest potential in the market, but not all solutions are equally valid. Our lines of technological development focus on its direct use as a power source in fuel cell vehicles and the manufacture of synthetic fuels. Therefore, we manage projects and prototypes with the possibility of implementing the technology around Green Hydrogen.

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