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Department specialized in the analysis and development of the appropriate technology for energy projects.


Latest technology in green energy production systems.

We are aware of the necessary change we are experiencing at all levels in terms of global energy situation. That is why, from Grupo Spainest we have the need to develop and invest in energy projects linked to the latest technologies in energy efficiency and profitability with minimal impact on the environment.

We have extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and we are continuously developing new and increasingly advanced forms of energy production. Our international development through our various partners supports our potential.

Our technologies are developed in the areas of solar, wind, biomass and, as the latest development with great potential, green hydrogen.


Solutions in: 

– Engineering
– Technology suppliers
– Innovative applications
– Industrial Technology
– Domestic technology


One of the specialties of the group. We have the latest technology in solar panels, inverters, among other necessary parts. We plan and develop all the necessary engineering to create from regional projects to international megaprojects. We have developed solar parks in several countries, innovating and unifying with other technologies to achieve the highest optimization of the park.


Our wind partners are known for their strong focus on integrated structures and energy return generation. As with the solar sector, this is an area we know well and with international experience.


Green Hydrogen is our biggest bet. The technology that SOPEEL makes available to us exceeds the expectations placed by the research and global investment that is being carried out around Green Hydrogen. We have solutions for industrial electrolyzers, for the home and also for mobility.


The great advantage in reducing emissions through this technique has led us to propose a multitude of projects in recent years. It is still an energy generation that we frequently propose for different solutions and its advantages are still surprising. We are specialists in promoting solutions through ECOPARKS.

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